About Us

Evolve Media Limited is a medium-sized firm that was set up in 2002, and is intended to act as a one stop solution centre for related design, printing, branding and web development services. The idea behind this is to create an environment of added value to our numerous clients. Our experienced and imaginative staff is ready to serve as your partner, helping you achieve your business goals with speed and efficiency.

The team at Evolve comprises of highly experienced and qualified designers, print and brand experts as well as web designers and developers who together form the core of the company’s operations. This team is headed by graduates from reputable colleges, polytechnics and universities with professional training in their fields of expertise.

At Evolve, we look forward to meeting you and handling all your design, printing, merchandising, branding and web related requirements.


To be your core design, publishing and branding solution partner.


To offer timely and creative design concepts, intuitive applications and reliable publishing and branding services to our clients.


Diligence, Integrity, Innovativeness, Professionalism, Respect for the individual.

The Founder

I am a graphic designer par excellence with over 20 years experience in the field of design, branding and printing; and over 10 years in the field of web design and development.

I have been at the helm of Evolve Media Limited since inception in 2002 and my personal attention to all projects handled by my team gives our clients the peace of mind thet they desire and deserve.

I sincerely hope that you will choose to Do it with us.

Zainabu I. Shoko
BA Fine Art, MA Graphics

Do it with us

You should choose to “Do it with us” because at Evolve, we believe in growing as a team, working together to build your company as well as ours.

Our strengths lie in our values that underlie our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfil our mission and attain your vision.

Apart from the above, some of the principles that guide us every day in everything we do are:

  • Consistence – We have been in the market for over 16 years and have shown constant growth in our fields of expertise.
  • Openness – We continuously correspond with our clients during ongoing jobs and maintain our relationship with them up to and after the finished product. This in turn gives the client confidence in us and puts them at ease.
  • Committed – We are loyal to our clients and employees and endeavour to give our best in terms of skills and services to enable them achieve their goals.
  • Honest – We adhere to the rules and regulations of ethical business and strive to ensure that the transactions between Evolve and our clients are carried out with due diligence.
  • Creative – We employ our dexterity in the innovation of ideas that captivate the essence of the client’s needs while passing forth the message to the target audience.
  • Motivated – We encourage our staff to attend current courses to update their skills set in order to keep up with the ever changing market trends, which in turn translates to the successful execution of tasks given to them.
  • Updated – We constantly upgrade our office and workshop equipment and machinery to stay ahead of competition, giving us that needed edge in terms of productivity and delivery.
  • Passionate – We are passionate about our work because we love what we do. This in turn means that we will look for a solution to any unforeseen problem or obstacle faced in order to fulfill our clients’ needs.
  • Friendly – We have a track record of maintaining our friendships with our clientele from the very first one to date.